The most innovative system available.

My wife and I recently began looking for a hot tub. We are both older (past the sixth decade), and I have had three back surgeries after my spine degenerated beyond the possibility of continued relief I had been getting from several good chiropractors (I am a former RN, but I discovered that chiropractors provided more pain relief and healing than I was able to get from “traditional” medicine).

We almost missed Bullfrog Spas in our search, initially dismissing them as simply another spa dealer with the same tubs as everyone else. Then I discovered their ad on Craig’s List, offering a refurbished hot tub made in 2007, but with completely new systems. New control panel and electronics, new heater, two new pumps, a new “ozonator”, and even a new LED light. The tub was in very good condition, and the owner of the Missoula Bullfrog Spa store, Ben Hansen, was on hand himself when we went there to view the hot tub. He guaranteed every bit of the spa, and included a new cover. cover lifter, and steps, along with a couple of large, fluffy bath towels with the Bullfrog name embroidered on them.

Reg T. - Bear Valley, Ca